Going to college to become a professional in multiple fields


Many people go to college, to become a professional in a certain field. They ultimately go, because they want to get a job in the future. In that case, most college students go to acquire their bachelor’s or master’s degree. However, the average person feels as if they should only go to college to acquire a degree for one field of study.

Multiple Careers

Although, I personally feel as if you should explore different options, and potentially get degrees in different fields of study and broaden your horizon. Let’s say for an example a child has always had a dream of owning their own roofing repair business that specializes in fixing the roof. Although, they grew up in a family full of rhinoplasty surgeons that did plastic surgery, and they decided to branch off but stay in the medical field and ultimately become a dentist.


Group of medical surgeons

In the End

It would not be surprising if the child still pursued their dream and opened their roofing contractor business, and went back to school to become a plastic surgeon like the rest of their family, while potentially running a dental clinic on the side. It is good to pursue your dreams whether it is becoming a dentist and having your own dentistry clinic or having a roof repair or rhinoplasty business. The more education you generally have, then the better off you will be in life, so it is always best to learn as much and it will pay off for you in the end.

Professional Medical doctor